It is believed the sense of smell is the most powerful of our five senses because it is closely connected to the parts of the brain associated with memory and emotion. Just one whiff of a familiar aroma can trigger intensely emotional reactions. I've witnessed this and experienced it many times myself. In launching Firebrand Candle Company, I sought to shine a light on the richness of Detroit's culture by connecting Detroit streets and an interpretation of their energy to unique, memorable aroma blends. In doing so, I hope to help create intimacy between people by enabling others to use the power of scent to create new memories or share moments of nostalgia. 


Quinn Hamilton is a native Detroiter still living in and loving the city. A proud graduate of Detroit Public Schools (Bates Academy and Renaissance High School) and Yale University, she was steadily ascending the clinical research administration ladder at a university just outside of Detroit when, in 2012, she felt the intense desire to move back to her hometown. 

Soon after moving back to the city, she realized that simply living in Detroit would not be enough. That led to her leaving the field of clinical research and getting engaged with amazing non-profit organizations and startup companies in the city. Quinn started Firebrand Candle Company in 2013 and today, she is a full-time software engineer while continuing to operate Firebrand Candle Company.